Yes my wardrobe as in my clothing — dresses, jeans, skirts, pants, shirts, blouses, blazers, jackets — most of my shoes, my boots, and all my handbags….gone.

There was no recourse and clearly I had been robbed.

I have no idea who that is.

That was my response when my friend showed me this framed photograph that was in the taped up, ragged cardboard boxes that held my tv’s. I was sitting on the floor in an empty apartment trying to make sense of the disaster that was just dropped on me. …

When I first moved here, I rented movies from the Blockbuster on 34th, hailed cabs to get a car ride, and bought loosies at my corner bodega. I used laminated foldable maps to navigate the city and subways. I got lost, a lot.

I moved to the city with no job, no real friends, and a place to stay for a few months. I searched for work on Craigslist and landed my first job with a production company working on fashion week, starting as an intern. But I didn’t care. I just needed a foot in the door. …

Jaci Badzin

Creator. Producer. Food Fanatic. Co-Founder @TechTableSummit

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